Found a vulnerability in our systems? Shoot us an email You’ll hear back from us within 2 hours at the latest, and we’ll let you know a few things:

  • If it’s been reported previously,
  • Whether or not we think it’s an issue,
  • And if it’s eligible for a reward.

We strive to be honest, fair and reasonable based on the vulnerability reported

  • Low risk vulnerabilities will be rewarded with $80 USD. ( 8000 ksh )
  • Medium risk vulnerabilities will be rewarded with $130 USD. ( 13000 ksh )
  • High risk vulnerabilities will be rewarded with $250 USD. ( 25000 ksh)

Thanks to those who have helped us by finding, fixing, and disclosing security issues safely: if you think you have found vulnerability or ( even know how you can gained access to our server) kindly contact us right away.

Issue 1 – { We have solved a severe high vulnerability issue Where an attacker could have manipulated our comment section and execute code to function,allowing automatic extract javascript code to our server without our notice. Thanks to Alberto who reported to us and we have safely fixed the issue } Reward paid -250 $

Issue 2 { We have noticed Hamburger menu icon in single posts was not clickable ,and as a results we have fixed the conflict javascript code it had with singles post, Thanks Mike for reporting the issue ,though it was low risk vulnerability but we appreciate for getting in touch } Reward paid – 80 $