I’m Danny by name i just want to tell you guys about my success story in sexiestkenya. I started looking for a sugar mummy for affection and financial assistance after I lost my job and I wasn’t able to pay my rent.

I immediately lost my job due to Pandemic and all I was left was to maybe return in my home village in Nyakach Kisumu. I was stressed and frustrated with lots of thoughts. I then started thinking of dating a sugar mummy and upon seeking much help and guidance from Google that’s when I got to find www.sexiestkenya.com , I was kind of happy seeing hope and successful stories about this website and to my attention I clicked the whatsapp icon in website and I initiated a direct chat with Admin, told her much about me and she offered to help me.

At this moment I was not even able to pay the 1000 in which I was told to be a connection fee, I still pleaded with admin and she agreed in helping me only if I can manage to pay half amount first and clear the rest later when I am in good state to do so.

I used some of mobile lending app to try my luck since I had so much debt including fuliza and much which I can’t mention here..

I finally managed to get a full loan of 1000 and upon withdrawing it to my mpesa Wallet I ended up remaining with only 500 since I had a fuliza of about 500 and I immediately send the rest of it to admin.

Admin responded back to me and asked me much info about my names, age location and my preference of sugar mummy or lady I needed, I explained and replied back. After 2 hours I was introduced to lady by name Sandra a Nairobi based single Mummy.

After two days of patiently waiting to meet her, I now got opportunity to do so met her in one of hotel in Nairobi and spend several hours engaging in chats and having meals, I got impressed on how beautiful she was but at this point I needed much financial assistance ,on her hand she was holding a phone and car keys and handbag besides her.

A moment we were done having meals and we agreed on meeting on weekend and by surprise she send me 30,000 in my Mpesa I was amazed since I never expected so at our first visit.

So far I have established a business in Nairobi still dating her and no more debts. I will write much later in details on how relationship went and my experience in dating a sugar mummy. That’s my story guys for now

Danny Nairobi Kenya